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Urbane - Golden Beige Set

Regular price 5 689 kr Sale price 5 697 kr Unit price per

Weight: 2.5 / 3.4 / 4.1 kg
Capacity: 39 / 69 / 105 L
Guarantee: 5 years
Measurements: 55 x 40 x 20 / 67 x 46 x 25 / 76 x 51 x 30 cm
Measurements include wheels.

The Urbane set includes a cabin, medium and large suitcase. This set is perfect for all types of travels. The Urbane collection is for those who search for a lightweight, durable and elegant suitcase with high quality components. The model is produced with strong and light materials which guarantee a 5-year comprehensive warranty. The timeless design of the suitcase has corners developed for maximum packing volume and impact resistance. The cabin is the perfect size for a weekend of 2-3 days. The medium size is perfect for a little longer travel of 4-7 days and is check-in luggage. The large size is perfect for a long travel of 7-14 days depending on your type of travel and needs, and is also check-in luggage.

The trolley tube is stable and adjustable on several levels. The tube is produced in matt black colour with matching handles. The cabin has a convenient top handle for smooth travel. For the medium and large size, there is also a side handle. 

The suitcase has an integrated TSA-lock for a safe journey, always. The zipper pullers are designed to protect the suitcase from shocks. 

Our four-double wheel system gives you a quiet and smooth ride on all types of surfaces, regardless of packing weight. The wheels can be rotated 360° for easy manoeuvring. 

The Urbane-series are designed with an exclusive and smart interior for the organised traveler. There is a closable packing space to separate your belongings. There is also a big pocket for personal items. The second packing space is equipped with elastic cross straps that hold the clothes in place. The inside is created with elegant fabric designed in Printisso’s iconic P with matt black details. 

Size Guide

Which size should I choose?
The size of your suitcase should reflect how long you will be out travelling. Therefore, many travellers have several suitcases to match the type of travel.

Cabin: 55 x 40 x 20 cm
Perfect for a shorter weekend or business trip of 2-3 days. You can carry this luggage with you on the flight.

Medium: 67 x 46 x 25 cm 
Perfect for a little longer travel of 4-7 days. This size is check-in luggage.

Large: 76 x 51 x 30 cm 
Perfect for a long travel of 7-14 days depending on your type of travel and needs. This size is check-in luggage.